WP8: Project Management


Work package number 8 Start date or starting event: M0
Work package title Project Management and Coordination
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To ensure that the necessary administrative support, documentation and tools are in place at the outset of the project.

To ensure that the project website is developed and maintained.

To arrange and manage project meetings, events and communication and to provide support to partners and the advisory board in arranging staff exchanges or visits.

To correctly maintain project documentation and ensure appropriate accessibility.

To assist the Coordinator in monitoring risks or avoiding delays to the project.

To monitor gender balance within the project activities.

To ensure that intellectual property rights are managed in accordance with the consortium agreement and to identify new opportunities for exploitation of project results.

To monitor the progress of the project in accordance with the project schedule and deliverables, and to ensure that the project delivers the expected impacts.

To ensure that the correct financial reports and technical progress reports are submitted by partners and presented to the Coordinator on time and in accordance with schedules.

To ensure high quality work by partners and excellence in science.

To submit formal interim and annual financial and periodic reports to the EC, in compliance with the reporting requirements of the Technical Annex and EC Grant Agreement.


T.8.1: Organize kick-off meeting for planning and formalisation of management structures as will be described in the Technical Annex and the Consortium Agreement.


T.8.2: Prepare project reporting procedures, templates and schedules and distribute to all partners and advisory board members.


T.8.3: Construct, manage and maintain the project intranet and external (public) web site.


T.8.4: Plan and manage PMB meetings (including STOP/GO decision meetings), full consortium meetings, and advisory board meetings, in accordance with the agreed schedule, and any additional meetings where appropriate.


T.8.5: Maintain a project progress log and risk log.


T.8.6: Provide interim reports and information to the advisory board members and any external stakeholders identified and approved by the project consortium.


T.8.7: Provide support to the Coordinator and project partners in solving any inter-partner disputes if and when they arise.


T.8.8: Implement a gender management strategy and promote and monitor gender equality within the project consortium.


T 8.9: Manage Intellectual Property Rights within the project.


T 8.10: Prepare and submit periodic activity and management & financial reports.



D.8.1 Consortium and IPR agreement in place and signed by all partners (before the project starts).


D.8.2 Formalisation of all management positions, procedures and documentation (M1).


D.8.3 Intranet tool functioning (M1).


D.8.4 Public website functioning (M3).


D.8.5 Gender management strategy document (M3).


D.8.6 Minutes of formal annual meetings (M1, M12, M24, M36).


D.8.7 Annual periodic activity and financial reports (M13, 25, and 37).